The Highest Resolution of the Industry-

In-Situ SEM

By giving us 30 sec,
You can visualize your native-state sample.

Sample after dehydration (Aggregation)
Native-state SEM image of liquid sample

Common technology challenges

  • Liquid samples require time-consuming preparation
  • Samples need to be dehydrated and thus lead to aggregation
  • In-situ observation features such as temperature control, flow control, electrical control, etc.,  are not available.

FlowVIEW's breakthrough technology

  • Easy of Operation: The specially designed liquid sample holder allows the samples to be loaded easily in 30 seconds.
  • High Resolution: We offer the highest resolution of the industry. At maximum magnification of 200K, objects as small as 7 nm can be clearly observed.
  • High Compatability: Our products are compatible with all SEM equipment available on the market (e.g. FEI, JEOL, Hitachi, ZEISS, Phenom, TSCAN, etc.). They can also be used with any sample preparation tools such as powder disperser (for the powders’ particle size distribution), centrifuge (for observing morphology of biologic samples), membrane filter (for identifying liquid defects), etc.
  • High Customizability: All products can be custom made as requested. We appreciate every opportunity to make further progress.

Aquarius Starter Kit

Liquid Material Analysis Solution - Static
The product uses nanofilm to create an atmospheric environment in vacuum in order to keep the liquid samples in the original state.
  • By combining with FlowVIEW Lite analysis software, analytical results could be quickly generated; such as particle size distribution, dispersity/aggregate, concentration, shape, compositions, etc.
  • This product is customizable to facilitate in situ simultaneous observation of silicon wafers and bio chip substrates. 

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